Youth Meditation

the event planning field can be tough.  It is highly competitive, cyclical and intense.  On top of budget and time constraints there is the added component of client emotions.  It is our job to help our clients stay calm and enjoy the process which means shouldering the fears and the doubts for them.   How to shoulder their emotions and manage our own became a challenge that had to be addressed.  Sikky has a natural center and calm manner but Angela had to learn to manage her anxiety.   Sikky still comments on how much more she likes Angela when she sees her "indian friend". 

As Angela found her answer in a secular form of Mindfulness Meditation, as taught by Guru Ranjit Deora, they both wondered if it could work so well for her, what could it do for children.  Angela experimented with her own children and found that they learn more quickly than adults and they are more accepting of the peace it gives them.  Mindfulness Meditation relates to a child's natural inclination toward acceptance, compassion, non-judgement and joy.  Angela, along with her teacher, founded Youth Meditation to teach children and their care takers how to manage stress, relieve anxiety and anger for a more peaceful, compassionate society.   Sikky and Angela carve out time from event planning to allow for this endeavor to flourish.